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Instagram Engagement

How to increase your followers, likes, and engagement


Learn how to GROW your FOLLOWERS and ENGAGEMENT every single day. Instagram recently released a new algorithm where posts are no longer seen in the order in which posts are posted. Now when you post on Instagram all your followers are not seeing your posts. Tanya will teach you how to use engagement, hashtags, and like-businesses to INCREASE your engagement so more people SEE your Instagram posts and so you can grow your followers every single day.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Influence Media

Femargent Founder & CEO

3 techniques you can't do without! 

Learn effective growth strategies to build influence & interest in your brand!


EARN MORE! Discover how to effectively use your NETWORK as a POWERFUL Marketing tool!

Learn how to effectively utilize your skill and creativity to drastically increase your influencing powerACQUIRE SOCIAL CURRENCY! What it is,why you need it, and how to make it work for you! 


Digital Marketing Strategist

Influence Media


Find out what the BEST APPS are for better selfies, graphics, and videos with THE APP GIRL! Tina will give you the tools YOU NEED to make it look like you have  a team of professional photographers, videographers and graphic designers WORKING FOR YOU. You’ll also get tips, tricks, and tools to run your social media more efficiently! It’s the perfect workshop for anyone that has to do a lot with a little bit of time.

Strategic Marketing Coach

Quick Start Academy


Why would I use data to make decisions about my social media? Don’t you just keep doing more of everything? What specifically do I need to look at and where is it? Seems like a time suck, can’t I just see if I’m getting more followers? How do I read the data? Math may not be my thing, so is it really worth my time? Where do I put the data? It usually becomes numbers jumbled in my head so where can I put it that I’ll really use it? When do I take an action based on my data? How do I know what specifically will make a difference? If so, FIND OUT all the WHYS, WHATS, WHERE, and WHENS and you’ll be able to let your numbers guide you to FASTER, EASIER INFLUENCE!

secure & maximize influencer brand relationships!

As a business, not working with the right Influencer can hurt your campaign; the wrong influencer can bring ineffective results. Learn how to secure the right collaborations to MAXIMIZE your Influencer CAMPAIGNS!


Influencers, Learn how to SECURE CONNECTIONS with your DESIRED BRANDS; by useing effective communications and strategies! Learn how to CREATE QUALITY content to secure repeat collaborations! BONUS: Apply instant strategies to create lasting relationships and GROW your social media engagements NOW!